a really useful designer

There’s little use in design being simply attractive. It also needs to be effective and useful.

My passion is clarity. Clear and honest communication. To communicate my clients story; or their rousing message; or make their products easy to understand, so they can be easy to use. To do what it says on the tin. Life is too short for flannel.

When you come to Fuz, you of course get the design skills of me, Angie Moyes, delivering imaginative and professional work of the highest quality at very competitive rates, but also the potential of a virtual organisation of professionals based in and around Cambridge, who have been working together in various configurations for many years. Their core collective skills include writing, website development (bespoke and WordPress), project management and of course, information and graphic design – from print to web, so your message remains consistent to your customer across all media.

I have a rich grounding in information, graphic and web design, having worked in the field for more than 20 years. I have built an impressive client list (even if I do say so myself!) including some large corporates and a number of small businesses, as well as agencies that employ me to work on diverse projects for their own clients. I have been involved in significant work for companies such as Abcam, Baker Hughes, BP, Cambridge Network, Cyrus, Grant Instruments, The Gurden Institute, International SOS, Mission, One Paper Buildings, The Biochemical Society, Socia.

back story

Originally I trained as an illustrator with a heavy interest in design and typography. However, the first job straight out of college (CCAT, now Anglia Ruskin University) changed the focus to information design, with start-up company Baddeley Associates (part of the Cambridge phenomenon) designing communication materials such as user guides, brochures, booklets. Following their merger with Sema Group, the job morphed into strategic planning for corporate internal communication programmes. Wanting to change the focus away from a strategic consulting role to a more hands-on design role, a position was taken with Transart as Art Director — managing the studio and designing distance learning materials for pharmaceutical reps. After a respectable 6 years, a position with Mission as Senior Designer designing brochures and marketing materials for the prestigious Hi-fi company was just too tempting to resist. This was followed by New Media Factory as Senior Designer, to focus on new media (it was all brand new then!), designing website architecture, navigation, page layout and online branding for corporate websites and intranets. In 1999 I heard the call of independence!


In my first few years as a Branding and Design consultant, I was a finalist in the Huntingdon Business Awards, and Abcam, whose logo, branding and website I designed, won the Profit by design multi-media award. It’s nice to be an award winner, but honestly, life got too busy to enter them!


I am a member of the Chartered Society of Designers.

  • logos and identities 25% 25%
  • brochures and guides 50% 50%
  • websites 25% 25%
  • design partner 100% 100%
What’s in a name?

Fuz … a nickname from school (the hair!), that is still used by my n/dearest!

recent projects