The coronation, a major event in 2023, but did you know Sir Jony Ive designed the emblem?

Sir Jony Ive, the legendary designer at Apple who helped shape the iconic look and feel of some of the world’s most popular tech, used his minimalist, elegant design aesthetic, and attention to detail to design with his creative collective, LoveFrom, the emblem for the coronation.

We are less used to reading allegories, or stories through codes in paintings or images, but they are an important element in logo – or in this case, emblem design, you should be able to ‘read’ it, it should make you ‘think something’.

The emblem symbolises the historic beginning of the new Reign. Incorporating the flora of the four nations of the UK; the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland. Together, they create the shape of St Edward’s Crown, with which King Charles is crowned.

“The emblem speaks to the happy optimism of spring and celebrates the beginning of this new Carolean era for the United Kingdom. The gentle modesty of these natural forms combine to define an emblem that acknowledges both the joyful and profound importance of this occasion.”
Sir Jony Ive

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the festivities, or at least, the extra day off (if you’ve got a proper job!)

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