This week I have mostly been …

Getting my clients ready for Christmas!

Are you ready? It’s almost time to spread some Christmas cheer, it’s time to start getting festive!

You still have time to commission your own on-brand xmas image, or find a good stock image. You can then:
have it printed as a card (allow a couple of weeks)

  • use it on your website home page as a temporary festive mast
  • send a lovely email to wish everyone a wonderful holiday (and let them know when you are back in the office)
  • create festive masts for all your social media channels

The holidays are coming… the holidays are coming…

Top tip!

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a designer, or prefer to DIY, try using Canva to create something special. Armed with your branding toolkit – your colours, fonts and image style, Canva is a doddle to use. You’ll need to create an account, and it’s free up to a point. In Canva you can set up your brand colours and fonts, upload your own images – or use theirs (some are free), and then create! Canva takes away a lot of the thinking by having preset layouts and templates like Twitter masts, or Facebook and blog posts, or indeed, set your own dimensions. Give it a try!

Images communicate at a glance, a concept, a feeling

Using the power of graphic design I help my clients communicate their business better to their clients and customers!