I made this picture a few weeks ago.

It was my response to how I feel about the ‘return’ to work.

Unsteady, like balancing on an egg. But we need to go back to work, and juggle with the virus, and still conqueror the spread. That we are on an island, isolated until we get better.

We need to be smart, keeping ourselves as safe as we can, we need to be kind, especially to the people who work in shops and transport, because we all have the important job of getting us back into the world again.

Take care


I am hopeful now that we can move forward, that businesses that have been furloughed will start to feel alive, stretch and breathe again, albeit – perhaps with a mask, or an acrylic screen. Let me know if you need help with the ‘colouring in’ when you’re back in business – that’s what us graphic designers do best!