A new project is like a love affair…

The first stage is passion!

The passion you have for your company and product or service, become my passions.

The second is curiosity

I want to know all the wonderful things about your company and the product or service that is the project, and discover what makes it special and unique.

Third is enlightenment

My dear client – we are connected – I get you! Together we produce the first creatives for your project, whether that’s branding, a product guide, a brochure or a website. Our aim is to encourage your clients and customers to feel your passion, so they ‘get’ you too.

Fourth is commitment

We trust and understand each other – we have been on a passionate and creative journey, and we know what to do to keep the passion alive for the next stage of the project. We head for a long-term relationship…

Of course sometimes it doesn’t last,  your business changes tack, or grows so much that you can afford to employ an in-house designer, or you might share your passion with another designer for a while. But always remember that we had something special, and that we can always pick up again where we left off… 😉

Take heart – every day, your heart creates enough energy to drive a lorry 20 miles. In a lifetime, that is equivalent to driving to the moon and back. A nice thought to share with the people you spend your time with.

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Call me, or email me if you have a new project that you want your customers to get passionate over, they can love you even more!