Like a snowflake – each brand is unique.

Snowflakes form or nucleate around a particle – just as a company or brand is formed around an entrepreneur. In the right conditions, something beautiful happens: a snowflake is formed or a brand is born.

That beginning, that core of a brand, is the part that has to be protected as a company grows. It’s that ‘special something’, the passion of an entrepreneur, that makes a brand unique. I think that’s often why brands ‘go back to their roots’ as the Co-op did in 2016 – they forget what made them unique. And it’s why great brands like Coca-Cola don’t really change their story – they just add more detail. Swinging and swaying to try and be something that you think people want you to be, just creates compromise and chips away at your core strengths and unique qualities.

Snowflakes, brands and people are genuinely distinctive – as Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”

If you are thinking of a re-brand, think about growing and enhancing from your core – to celebrate your uniqueness.  And if you need help with your visual branding – please get in touch!