I am coining a new job title – you heard it here first! …

Agile Designer

Look – I’m freelance, a one-person business, a sole-trader, networking with other skilled professionals to deliver on bigger projects. But, I am – like any small business, also a marketeer – think about it – that’s just the way it is. So I like to go to a Marketing Meetup to keep up to speed on what the professionals are doing, and apply what’s relevant to my own business.

So, here’s the story…

At the last Marketing Meetup one of the subjects was Agile Marketing.

Agile Marketing takes its inspiration from Agile software development – so the goal is to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change of the marketing function. It is an iterative and adaptive process where small, collaborative teams work in a series of short sprints, so feedback is pretty immediate and, although they feed into an overall longer term marketing goal, working in sprints makes them agile and able to take advantage of emergent solutions, plus, everyone in the team knows what’s going on with weekly/ daily meetings or scrums. Because (the clue is in the word), agility isn’t about speed – it’s the ability to change direction.

That got me thinking

Agile – that’s exactly how I work as a designer, iteratively, and in sprints with my client, so we are able to change tack when the wind changes and starts to blow from the west. So the end result we achieve is the right one.

Angie Moyes, Agile Designer – does it sound good – ;D ?!

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