I am a great lover of words. As a graphic designer, I’m working with them all day, moving them, resizing them, changing their emphasis with colour, or italics, or bold, or capitalisation, or kerning them, punctuating around them like a gardener tending and weeding.


Epiphany, or Three Kings Day is the 6th of January, and marks the end of Christmas. In the UK, we just take down the tree (to prevent bad luck), but in Latin American countries especially, children would only just be getting their gifts and those would be from the three wise men rather than Santa. And it’s only joy ahead as you are at the start of the Carnival season, climaxing with Mardi Gras (not just a pancake).

To have an epiphany, is to experience a moment of sudden and great revelation, or realisation. The day you decided to go into business for yourself perhaps? My epiphany was 20 years ago now, and it was simply that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny – brought on by a familiar tale of redundancy and a realisation of how really fragile our connection to all the things we work for is. I’ve never looked back. But, this year I will be reflecting on some of the great people and projects I have worked with, and on, because it’s been a whole lot of fun, and I’m looking forward even more!

How about you? Have you had an epiphany? Are you going to do something joyful or brave this year?

Happy new Year!