Fall, yeah, I know – it’s an American term for Autumn, but ‘fall back, spring forward’ makes it easy to remember whether your day will start earlier or later — it’s later, because the clocks go/fall back (in the ‘fall’) – so you get a pretend extra hour, it’s not a real extra hour, because we can’t yet make extra time unless you live on a mountain top (ask Einstein).

I’m a graphic designer and work constantly with words – getting the right ones into a high-level message, or making them the right length, and some words just start to muse with your imagination.

Like ‘Fall’

Sometimes it’s great

  • We ‘fall into’ great projects, jobs and relationships
  • Things just ‘fall into place’ when a project goes well
  • And ‘fall over’ ourselves laughing
  • Weight ‘falling off’ (I have no personal experience of this!)

Sometimes it’s not so good

  • We ‘fall back’ in line, when something starts to go awry
  • We need to have something to ‘fall back’ on, if things go wrong
  • Having ‘fall back’ careers

I was a bit shocked at a recent school careers evening for my daughter. They talk of students needing to think of ‘portfolio’ careers – and what they meant was, not relying on one income stream, mixing permanent and temporary work, having multiple jobs. Which is a bit sad when you are just about managing to think of ‘what you want to be when you grow up’.

Do you have something to fall back on?

I have so many ideas for side projects to fall back on – but, even with an extra hour here and there, they don’t really get much traction – I do have a lot of domain names though for them – so let me know if any fit your fall-back projects – I won’t have time to do them all!