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We are always learning something new

Read a new book? Got a new phone? Installed new apps? Upgraded to Windows 10? Been on a course? Visited a new place? Met new people? We are always learning something new, it’s great, I love it!

I’ve been designing and building bespoke websites for over 15 years. Recently there has been a real shift over to WordPress, particularly for small businesses, because a WordPress site gives you control of your content. Last year I built a few WordPress sites using free templates, making them work for my clients by integrating their look and feel and using sensible navigation. The sites worked well, but I realised that there was much more to WordPress, so this year I set about learning as much as I could. I found a good and flexible subscription template – and that gave me access to dedicated developers solving problems to fine tune a site. Which means, that I can make it do pretty much what I want it to do – well within reason – WordPress is a free spirit at its heart! So far I have (long overdue) rebuilt my sites www.fuz.co.uk, and www.lelo.uk and soon to be launched is www.socia.co.uk.

Is your site ready for a refresh? Is it responsive? Want to be in control of your content? Well, think about getting a WordPress site like this one!

Learn something new!

My last big crush was Blab – where four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can instantly switch places with one of the four video chatters. Blab was closely tied to Twitter, and with that social media focus, the potential of Blab was enormous – public conversations about important topics can be aired with real-time audience comments for all to see. I guess they ran out of money.

Cambridge University Festival of ideas
Inspired by the theme of power and resistance, this year’s programme of events tackles a range of critical issues, including censorship, free speech, privacy, democracy and more.