2016 Chinese New Year of the monkey!

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. It hasn’t become a big consumer event like the US imported Black Friday yet – but this year Tesco is selling the good-luck cat Maneki-neko, and Lidl and Waitrose are stocking up on Dim-Sum (yum), so maybe next year there will be a bigger splash!

Those born in the year of the monkey are curious, ambitious, innovative, adventurous, hard working and good with money – apart from the downside of being a bit irritable – perfect for an entrepreneur! Are you a monkey – or a rat like me? Find out what Chinese animal you are …and what the future holds!

Why not embrace Asian culture and join in the spirit of the New Year with 1.38 billion other people? There’s fun to be had at the fabulous New Year parade in Chinatown this weekend. It’s the biggest of its kind outside Asia, and a fabulous spectacle.

Change is the only certainty

Do you remember the TV series Monkey?  I loved that as a kid. My brother was ‘Pigsy’ (I still say ‘ah Pigsay’ to him!) and I fancied myself as Tripitaka. It was a great mix of moral stories, love, friendship and fight action, with sayings from the Buddah like – “change is the only certainty.”

If you’re making changes in your business and you need to refresh your brand, or have new products that need guides or brochures, or a website, or you’re perhaps looking to recruit and need some attraction materials, why not get in touch to see if we can create some Monkey Magic?

This monkey is from a project for SciberMonkey way back in 2006