Happy New Lunar Year of the Dragon!

The Dragon swishes his tail and brings a year of change – and change can also bring new opportunities sparking creativity and innovation.

I am a rat and in the Year of the Dragon, rats ‘will experience growth and energy and will have the opportunity to grow in their careers’. A big Yeah! to that!

Dragons are a magical legendary creature that appears in the folklore across the world. Often been depicted as winged, horned, and capable of breathing fire in the West (Like St George’s dragon), and in the East, clever serpentine, wingless and four-legged.

For us in the West they depict the sum of our fears, so are slain.

In the East they are an auspicious symbol of strength and power, and are associated with protection, good fortune, wisdom and success.

I am blown away by Adobe Illustrator – I thought I’d try the image generator (AI) and with prompts, it created this image of the dragon! I just hope someone somewhere isn’t losing out on a fee for having drawn it in the first place!