It’s my birthday today, well one of them. I have a few on the internet. Sites that we sign up to quite often want us to give up our birthday. It comes in handy sometimes, restaurants, clothing retailers, perfume and skincare, anywhere that you might treat yourself quite often send out discount codes – so you can spread them out through the year (I know, I won’t be holding out for a ‘enjoy a free cocktail’ email in my local favourite restaurant sadly). I thought April Fool’s day would be a good one, more fool you for trying to capture my data ha ha!

As it turns out, I got the best birthday (I know, not my birthday) surprise. A call from a dear old friend who is in total isolation having recovered successfully from cancer a few years ago. He is bored and lonely sometimes, but also so thankful to be with us.

So today, I’m happy for my bit of foolishness, because it made me happy.

Covid-19, top tip for working from home

(I’ve a 20 years’ experience, so am going to say EXPERT)

  • … biscuits are not your friend!

I’m thankful for, in the midst of Covid-19

  • Living near to my family
  • The internet
  • My garden

Things I learnt this week

  • Zoom is the new Skype
  • I like online networking
  • Life is fragile