Taking time out to shake-it-up

Shake-ups are good. They give you perspective, especially in business.

Even if you shake back down to where you were, it means you are in the right place.

Taking time to have a good look at where you are ‘now’, what you are doing and where you are going, gives perspective. It also highlights things that you would like or need to change to get you in position for your vision for the future, and whether that vision has altered!

Your branding, your look and feel, communicates your thinking to your customers. On your website, or next brochure or guide, making little tweaks – like adding new colours to your palette, adjusting image styles, or perhaps adopting a font that is more expressive of your brand – can make a huge difference to how both you and your customers feel about your business.

Tate logo

Tate has just been through a branding refresh to unify all its galleries and engage with a younger audience. The branding refresh by North streamlined the style guidelines and refined its distinctive dot logo. The branding refresh was rolled out to coincide with Tate Modern’s new Herzog & de Meuron-designed Switch House building.

Please get in touch if you are having a shake-up and want to give your branding a tweak, it doesn’t have to be on the scale of Tate!   Call me, or email me