angie moyes branding and graphic designer


isn’t just about looks, it’s about connecting and communicating


isn’t just about looks, it’s about connecting and communicating

logo design

Your logo is the heart of your branding. It is the visual representation of who you are, or what you stand for, or what you make, or what you like, or what your audience like, or who they are – yes, it’s personal!

website design

The tools are available for anyone to build a website, but ready-made themes are often limited – so maybe like DIY you’d rather someone else did it to make sure your branding is working hard too

print design

Resolution, pixels, fonts, leading, white space, trim marks, bleed, leading edge, wire stitched, embossed, GSM, PMS, CMYK, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator – I understand them


Keeping it vector, from simple line drawings, charts and symbols to character development

bunty - ah! my dog

yes, you can have it all!

  • With over 20 years experience in branding and graphic design — exploiting the design capabilities of a wide range of media from print to web — means that you can be sure of an effective creative solution, whatever your business need.
  • Working ‘wired’ with dedicated associates providing writing, website development and much more, means that you get a complete solution.
  • Not being an agency means that you also get a cost effective solution.

Why the dog? Something personal that you love can help your customers connect with you! This is my dog 🙂

let’s create

I use common sense and straightforward thinking to help my clients to define, develop and achieve their business objectives.

My portfolio is a design smorgasbord of logos, icons, brochures, advertising campaigns, journal, book and website design, because I work hard to deliver great creative design for every aspect of marketing communications for my clients.

I love it when my clients are successful, because they tell their colleagues and clients, and that’s the best advertising anyone can have!

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