2015 – the International Year of Light – as designated by the United Nations General Assembly. It is “a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.”

  • There is some groundbreaking research coming through from the University of California, harnessing the power of the sun in new ways, New solar power material converts 90 percent of captured light into heat
  • And the people who helped give us the round tea bag, Cambridge Consultants have developed a new device called Solitair designed to monitor your sun exposure and tell you when it’s time to cover up or move indoors, it was demonstrated at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas.
  • To get you in the mood, have a listen to ‘Illuminate‘ by Tourist. The year of light is off to a good start!

Light, colour and you

Light and colour and space are important in all aspects of our lives. Those elements are what make our homes just as we like them; they’re part of how we remember holidays (ah! the light in Tuscany…). It’s a mood- changer and can say so much without words. So when you look at your corporate colours, how do they make you ‘feel’, or more importantly, how do they make your customers feel? How about your website, is it full of light, or dank and dreary? Here is a simple colour chart to see where you fit. Click here to get the PDF.