air broadband | visual branding refresh

air broadband visual branding refresh

​The high-level message of the first air broadband site that I worked on was connecting communities to great broadband with no-nonsense, stress-free reliable broadband. The imagery was around home and family and visualised how broadband could make life a bit better when bought from a small, friendly, agile, quality-driven, customer-centric, expert broadband supplier.

The new direction in the refresh was ambition. How Air Broadband could help you realise ambition – work and study from home more easily, run a small business, join in online cloud-based games, democratising the home by providing the whole family with equally good upload and download speeds whatever you were working on, watching, or playing. The year of Zoom and Twitch. The high-level messaging and site re-write was crafted by MurrayDare, and I realised the ‘super’ new brand images and layout with a more career-focussed ‘ambitious’ demographic.

I thought it would be nice to show a selection of images that were used on the site refresh. In most cases background colours were stripped out and changed to the branding palette, jumpers made orange – stuff like that to keep it all ‘on brand’.

You can’t have her – she’s mine all mine! I’ve been working with Angie for some time in developing and implementing a complete corporate image for Air Broadband as part of our move into Full Fibre broadband services. This is an ongoing project and Angie has a great understanding of what we offer and translating it into extremely well designed and powerful marketing materials. We receive frequent comments from our partners about the excellent quality of our marketing materials. I can whole heartedly recommend Angie, although be warned, she will still be an integral part of Air Broadband’s marketing requirements.

Gordon Sadler

Business Development Executive | Air Broadband

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