cambridgeshire county council | designs for various internal & external campaigns
cambridgeshire county council
I worked on quite a few, and varied projects for Cambridgeshire County Council. Shown here are a few examples. They quite often rolled out into lots of elements – such as posters, exhibition panels and web sub-sites.

Angie of Fuz has designed a number of projects for Cambridgeshire County Council, here are a few:

  • Think Cycling: logo and poster design to promote a cycling campaign in Cambridgeshire.
  • CCN/ Cambridgeshire Community Network: this was set up to provide a broadband network to link all aspects of public services delivered to residents and businesses in Cambridgeshire – creating more effective working between organisations delivering public services in Cambridgeshire and, in a rural context, help to deliver the benefits of high tech Cambridge into the Fens and the wider region.
  • ICT strategy brochures: a set of brochures to communicate the 3 year ICT strategy to be employed within CCC (brochures for two years produced).

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