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Hughes Hall, centre for climate change

The logo I was given to work with was part of a suite of seven to be used at Hughes Hall, and was more of an identifier than a logo. So I suggested that I come up with a few ideas to put the new logo more in line with Chapter Zero and Zero Cambridge, who were part of the same initiative, but still keeping the typography layout (which could have done with being changed!) so it could still sit with their suite of seven logo/identifiers.

Logo designs for Hughes Hall, centre for climate change
I had recently created a site for Chapter Zero, which was linked to from a page of information on the Hughes Hall site. The client felt this was a bit buried, and wasn’t in keeping with the two sister sites fulfilling the initiative in Cambridge, Chapter Zero and Cambridge Zero.

The remit for the Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change site is to engage the corporate and financial sectors at the highest level (involving chairs, non-executive directors and senior executives) together with government, and academics and others within civil society, and to encourage scholarship in legal, regulatory, financial and other levers that will enable the scaling up of action across the corporate sector. So sits between Chapter Zero, and Cambridge Zero.

I was engaged to create a small website, so made Hughes Hall the focus, with climate change relevant images. The logo was still being created, but was more of an identifier, so I offered some suggestions, keeping the typography and layout already agreed, but changing the icon.

Angie gave more than we asked for! Not only did she pull together a fantastic website that very cleverly captured our work and aims, she re-created our logo to pull our visual brand together in a simple yet powerful way. And she is a star to work with; glad to continue to be doing so.
Becky Lawrence

Climate Change Engagement – Hughes Hall

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