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I worked on a number of design projects for cyrus audio for around 10 years, working closely with the MD to build their first website, the design and artwork of their ads, packaging and sales brochures for the Cyrus range of audiophile hi-fi. The brochures were translated and printed in 5 languages. Shown here are a selection of projects.
Over 10 years Angie has developed many wonderful Cyrus hi-fi projects but we first worked together at NXT PLC, the erstwhile owners of Cyrus the British hi-fi specialist. Times change, Angie setup her own business, Fuz, and I managed an MBO of Cyrus and wanted to develop a really strong and exciting brochure as part of our specialist hi-fi marketing. Angie immediately appreciated what I wanted to try and together we had fun developing a stunning brochure combining B&W ‘art’ photography with high performance hi-fi. At the time this was a brave move in the world of hi-fi, but its immediate success was a huge help to us as we repositioned the Cyrus brand. Since then Angie has worked with us on many projects, consistently surprising me with her ability to add substantial value to all sorts of assignments.
Peter Bartlett

CEO, Cyrus

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