ektn | leaflet design and artwork


This was an interesting project, knowledge transfer is such an important factor in business today, EKTN give that a formal structure. Judi and I working together as a creative team was great



EKTN is a knowledge transfer network for electronics – a government initiative funded by the Technology Strategy Board – whose aim to position the UK as the innovation engine of Europe.

The Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network (EKTN), which supports the UK’s electronic design community, needed a series of leaflets to describe its mission and to support a variety of initiatives and activities. Initially, Angie and developed a versatile design ‘template’ based on elements prescribed by the network and Judi wrote some generic descriptive copy to explain what the EKTN does.

Then we created a further four leaflets to detail specific initiatives and sourced appropriate images, adapting and applying the template design to produce a cohesive series of fliers.


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