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Milner Therapeutics Institute
Milner Consortium
Milner Consortium
The Milner Consortium will work in two areas:

  • as a ‘match-making’ service between pharmaceutical companies and researchers in Cambridge with the aim of developing and studying precision medicines for some of the most globally devastating diseases.
  • connecting the intellectual know-how of several large academic institutions with the drug-developing potential of the pharmaceutical industry, to deliver better drugs to the clinic.
Milner Consortium
Milner Consortium
Milner Consortium
Client: Prof. Tony Kouzarides FMedSci, FRS, Deputy Director, The Gurdon Institute

Realised by a donation by Jonathan Milner (AbCam), the aim of the Milner Therapeutics Institute will be to help understand how drugs work and to push forward new ideas and technologies to improve the development of novel therapies, with a focus on cancer.

A logo in two parts

My first thoughts on the logo were around ‘symbiosis’, ‘synergy’ – to reflect bringing together researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. For symbiosis – I immediately thought of the obvious – the flower and the bee, e-coli when it is where it should be! But they were real-world images that would be confusing. For synergy, I was thinking around yin-yan. Then I thought of the Möbius strip – it is a three dimensional structure, it has two sides, they are separate, but are inter-dependant. I liked that idea, and so did Tony. I chose a solid square shape – a cornerstone. Two parts making something new. Strong.

Quick response from Jonathan – he loves it.

Many thanks to you – I love it too. In addition it was a good interactive experience…

…I really enjoyed working with you.

Prof. Tony Kouzarides FMedSci, FRS

Deputy Director, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

need a logo for a new (ad)venture?!