Things I learnt this week from Heather Murray at this weeks Marketing Meetup about using AI in your day job that I thought you might find interesting.

AI is best tool you can have to hand right now. It works on ‘chat’ – a sequence of questions and answers honed to reach an ideal. It’s use is creeping into programmes we use – even LinkedIn offers AI writing assistance. It’s not going away, so you may as well embrace it.

Treat AI like the best assistant you can have, helpful, resourceful, tireless, but one that needs to know what you want. (Note: Doesn’t bring you a coffee yet, but could probably make it)

Role play: Character + Context + Clarity

Create role play scenarios that suit your writing to get the best out of using AI (ChatGPT) by ask the right questions and giving it context. Direct your content by setting up a role play that suits your writing style [Character] ‘you’re (an) x in a company like (x) [Context] and your audience are x in x market. [Clarity] Your tone of voice is x (and add some humour)’. I need a heading, bullet points and 500 words. Add some urgency perhaps – ‘my job depends on this’. Or ‘have some fun with this’. Hone down the responses by asking for rewrites where it needs it. Beware of ‘Hallucinations’ – ChatGPT will invent things if it can’t find an answer…You can use AI not just to write but also to ‘edit’ your copy, write T&Cs. It takes away the fear of the blank page for sure.

BUT AI isn’t just for writing, or creating images, making music, writing songs – you can find them all (probably) at ‘’.

Be warned, AI creates content from the internet, if you put anything sensitive on there and especially if you are using free/ budget versions that content could end up somewhere else. So, don’t forget to run it through a plagiarism checker like, because AI is a collator, not an original thinker.

You don’t have to say please, but AI might one day have the upper hand, so hedge your bets and be nice 😉

There was a lot in the session, you should follow Heather on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date and if you have an hour, watch the replay on YouTube.