It takes a leap of faith to go into business for yourself. And a growing business has to leap regularly to seize new opportunities.

As a graphic designer, I work with all sizes of business, from entrepreneurs through to global companies. I help them with their logos, branding, brochures, UX and UI on websites, working with them to communicate their story, so that they can attract new clients, customers and employees. It’s an exciting journey.

Some businesses I have journeyed with stay small and dynamic (like Socia), some grow magnificently (like Abcam). It is incredibly rewarding for me to see companies that I have designed for, grow and become well respected.

A leap in growth

I went to a great talk by Sherry Coutu CBE on her Government commissioned report about Scaling up (that’s 20% growth year-on-year) organised by the Cambridge Network. If just one per cent of UK companies were to scaleup – it would drive an additional 238,000 jobs and £38 billion to GVA within three years. (WOW!)

Can design make an impact on business growth?

In a word, yes! But don’t take my word for it:
“ for every £1 businesses invest in design, they can expect over £20 in increased revenues, over £4 increase in net operating profit and over £5 in increased exports. In addition, businesses reported boosts to confidence, strategic thinking, brand and business identity.”
Designing Demand Executive Summary

Are you taking a leap this year?

If your business is growing, you may need to take some time out to think about your business purpose – does it need a tweak? Does your logo and look and feel still match your purpose? Or do you have new products that need guides or brochures, or a website, or you’re perhaps looking to recruit and need some attraction materials? Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you  😉

GOOD NEWS! You can afford to take a day and review your business purpose – you don’t need to wait for a leap year!

A leap into the future, can you help?

There is a massive looming skills gap because children aren’t choosing STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). Helping to get kids excited by science, the Founders4schools charity that introduces students aged 8+ to inspiring, successful business leaders to discover the skills and pathways required to be part of companies that will shape our future, to help fill the gap. Get in touch with them if you think you can help.

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