I love words and I especially love how one word can mean so many different things.

  • Turkey  it’s a bird, mostly eaten on big event public holidays — a premium feast! Let’s give thanks for and bird that enjoys a better life than most that are bred for the table.
  • Turkey — it’s a country, once one of the rulers of the world, now a route from East to West, a place to pass through, but also a buffer, a place of strategic importance. Let’s give thanks for Turkey to remain peaceful.

Lets play with Turkey

  • Cold turkey –breaking any habit immediately
  • Talk turkey: to talk business; to talk frankly
  • Jive turkey: a person doing something dumb
  • Turkey: on the stage — a failure; a sham
  • Turkey shoot: an unfair fight in a war
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I’m having a marketing-speak moment…

Don’t be a jive Turkey! Are you Going Cold Turkey on your current visual brand? Do you have a new project that you don’t want to be a Turkey? Lets Talk Turkey!

Spare a thought…
November to December is a bad time of year to be a Turkey. From Thanksgiving on one side of the planet, to Christmas day on the other side of the planet, pretty much everyone (bar vegetarians and vegans) will be tucking into Turkey!

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