Messaging Apps are taking over the Social Media landscape. You just need to look at the popularity of Apps like Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat and WhatsApp.

Cross-platform instant messaging applications allow smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free over Wi-Fi, in one-to-one or group chats. Many, like Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) are also secured with end to end encryption. This has made them hugely popular, particularly in Asia, where it’s usual for people do everything inside their messaging App, like making doctor’s appointments, buying groceries, interacting with their bank, and of course chat. Because it’s just so much more convenient to do everything in a messaging App, without the bother of clicking out, and into (say) email, they are now also being used as an advertising vehicle. And we’re heading in that direction too – just check the Apps the kids are using. What this means for marketing, is that engagement is much better – potentially brilliant.

Cue, the Chatbot

Chatbots – the next big thing for keeping in touch with your audience, so you don’t have to. Designed specifically for Facebook business pages, a leader of the pack is Manychat. Designed to work perfectly with Facebook Messenger, ManyChat supports all types of messages: text, pictures, links, messages with buttons or even galleries, all you need to create engaging experiences for your audience, allowing you to send out an automated messaging sequence to someone who has messaged you by Facebook Messenger on your business page (which they can unsubscribe from). That sequence could be to pitch a product, or survey, or just have some engaging fun. It’s the new future of social media marketing.

Expect to see in your inbox, or your App messages – to buy, learn & load — training programs, new Apps, posts for and against Bots for use in business.

Are Bots a good idea – what do you think?

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