At 04.57 on Saturday morning I had a WhatsApp message from my friend in the USA with a link to a news article in the Washington Post, plus a username.

washington post - Zello
So, I installed Zello – it’s pretty brilliant – a walkie-talkie or ‘push-to-talk’ App free for personal use to the 110 million users who have downloaded it so far! Think of it as CB world radio for the 21st Century, where channels are created and people talk in real-time and ask for help or advice, or just chat, or just listen. Zello is of course not just for emergencies, although that is the main focus right now, which is why the sign-up has gone through the roof. We set up a private channel for family and friends because my friend lives in Jacksonville USA, and Irma was on its way to her. I’m pleased to say that my friend is safe and well, as luckily most of the sting had left the tail of Irma by the time it reached Jacksonville yesterday evening.

My lucky escape?

I was planning to be there, in Jacksonville right now, and the reason I didn’t go is because an opportunity I couldn’t pass on arose, to join another friend and her daughter in Barcelona for a feast of an art trip of Gaudi, Miro and Picasso, artists who are fully embraced – a fact that is totally enlightening. Which brings me to lucky escape number two, or rather number one. We decided to leave Barcelona on the 16th August, which was a day before the terrorist attack in Las Ramblas where a van was used to kill 13 people and injure 100 more.

#feeling lucky #feelingblessed

Five go wild in Barcelona
Five go wild in Barcelona